Jakub Montewka

Education: MSc in maritime transportation from Maritime University of Szczecin (2001), supplemented by European Law and EU projects management at Marie-Curie University in Lublin, Poland in 2004. Then continuous education and work as a lecturer and researcher at Maritime University of Szczecin, leading towards PhD degree in 2008. At the moment employed as a researcher and project manager at Aalto University in Espoo, Finland, at the Marine Technology Laboratory. A holder of chief mate license, having sea service of 3 years.
Research field: safety of maritime traffic, optimization, holistic risk assessment of waterborne traffic operations.

Przemysław Krata

Education: Nautical background supplemented by transport and logistics. PhD obtained at the University of Szczecin (2008). Employed as a lecturer and researcher at Gdynia Maritime University. A holder of watch-keeping officer’s license (deck department) with some experience on-board ocean-going ships and in offshore sector.
Research fields: stability of ship, ships routing, logistics, optimization.

Tomasz Hinz

Education: MSc from Naval Architect with specialty of hydrodynamics obtained at Gdansk University of Technology. PhD obtained at the Gdansk University of Technology (2016). He is also a designer in Deltamarin, an international company that provides design and consultancy services in the fields of ships and offshore.
Research field: numerical modelling of ship dynamics.

Jacek Jachowski

Numerical modeling of fluid dynamics, thus ship motions and interactions between a ship and surroundings by means of CFD.